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Happy Monday … here’s a fun video to start your week off.  Enjoy The Jive Aces – Bring Me Sunshine!



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The first push button telephone with touch tone dialing was introduced on this day in 1963 by Bell Telephones to AT&T customers. 

The first push button phone, Western 1500, was introduced in the towns of Carnegie and Greensburg, PA, with touch tone dialing available for an extra charge.


Push button phones were marketed as being much faster to dial than their predecessor, the rotary dial telephone. 

But that wasn’t enough to convince customers in the 1960s to abandon their rotary dial telephones.  It wasn’t until the 1980s that the majority of households tossed their rotary dial telephones for a push button one.

Enjoy this clip from the 1963 World’s Fair, introducing the push button phone…

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