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Just wanted to share a few of my Valentine decorations with you …

long heart chain from sheet music

This chain of hearts was inspired by Jill Ruth & Co. but instead of sewing it, I punched a couple slits in the top and bottom of each heart and strung some ribbon through.  I embellished it with a couple vintage paper flowers and hung it with an old vintage brooch.

heart chain held by vintage broochheart chain from sheet music

At the beginning of the year, I had created some framed new years resolutions … ‘Choose Joy’, ‘Scatter Kindness”, and “Simplify” that were inspirations from my daughter.  Since the background was red, just adding a couple stuffed linen hearts by them transforms them into great Valentine decorations.

simplify wall hanging out of buttons embroidered scatter kindness wall hanging embroidered choose joy wall hanging with buttons

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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