A friend of mine acquired a home in the Akron, Ohio area with these items in the basement and they are needing a new home.

This GE ND-8-08 refrigerator is in great working condition and comes with the owner’s manual.

GE refrigerator outside   GE refrigerator inside

This 1952 Deepfreeze C-13 home freezer is also in good working condition.

Deepfreeze freezer outside Deepfreeze freezer inside

If you are interested drop me a note at endlesscollectabilities@gmail.com.


Just wanted to share a few of my Valentine decorations with you …

long heart chain from sheet music

This chain of hearts was inspired by Jill Ruth & Co. but instead of sewing it, I punched a couple slits in the top and bottom of each heart and strung some ribbon through.  I embellished it with a couple vintage paper flowers and hung it with an old vintage brooch.

heart chain held by vintage broochheart chain from sheet music

At the beginning of the year, I had created some framed new years resolutions … ‘Choose Joy’, ‘Scatter Kindness”, and “Simplify” that were inspirations from my daughter.  Since the background was red, just adding a couple stuffed linen hearts by them transforms them into great Valentine decorations.

simplify wall hanging out of buttons embroidered scatter kindness wall hanging embroidered choose joy wall hanging with buttons

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Monday … here’s a fun video to start your week off.  Enjoy The Jive Aces – Bring Me Sunshine!


This adorable corner shelf sits in the opposite corner of the suitcase shelf.  I purchased it at my favorite little second hand store, Abbey Ann’s, in my hometown of Tallmadge, Ohio.  (I make it a point to visit everytime I make it back to Tallmadge.)  It was varnished dark wood when I bought it and I applied a creamy white paint for more of the shabby chic look.  It holds a handmade clock that I bought a long time ago, the salve tin that my grandfather used to get out for any bumps or bruises, and I pretty tin that I picked up at an auction that now holds our q-tips.  Notice the burgandy silky material that lines each shelf … yes, it’s from the suitcase lining and I added a little crocheted lace to the edges.  The chippy wrought iron towel hanger was purchased at the Hog Creek Craft and Antique Mall in Allen, Michigan.  I think I paid $3 for this gem. 

I’m tickled pink at how this corner turned out.  It’s right next to the sink where we can now hang a handtowel and it helped get yet another item, q-tips, off the counter.

I created this valance by sewing together cloth table napkins with pink embroidered trim and flowers.  It adds a little country feel to the room. 

There are a few items left to share and I’ll save them for another day 🙂

Before I share more updates from my bathroom makeover project, I wanted to share some ways that vintage suitcases are being upcycled. 

Upcycled Vintage Suitcase Cabinet with Lights from BenclifDesigns


Upcycled Pet Bed from Fbstudiovt

Industrial Storage Chest Table from MrsRekamepip

Vintage Suitcase Jewelry Display Box from Lovenostalgicwhimsy

Vintage Suitcase Shelves from Red Hen Home

These are beautifully crafted  and so creative!

In my quest to find ways of recycling some outdated, castaway items into cherished treasures and giving them a second life, I have been working on giving my bathroom a new look.  It’s a little bit country with the warm colors and a little shabby chic with the tins and painted furnishings and definitely vintage with the many collectibles. 

I needed something to replace a shelf that I had above the toilet that held some decorative items and also doubled as a towel rack.  I thought I wanted an old vintage medicine cabinet but was having a hard time finding one that I liked and was in my budget.  I have a collection of Trash to Treasure books by Leisure Arts and when I need inspiration, I leaf through them.  I came across a project where they turned an old suitcase into a shelf.  I liked the idea but worried that it might be too big for the space.  Nonetheless, I set off looking for the perfect suitcase and I found it at the Allen Antique Barn, one of just many places to shop for antiques in Allen, Michigan. 

I am thrilled with the suitcase and how the renovation turned out.  The inside of the suitcase had a really pretty burgandy silk material that was in very good condition.  It had loose pockets on three of the sides which meant extra material that I could use.  And I did, to cover the wood shelf that my husband made

 to hold my collection of various vintage items … from hat pins to old nail polish bottles to my grandmothers pretty vanity mirror.  And then there are some old razors and razor tins, some perfume bottles and some pill containers.   What I like is that there is still room to add more goodies as my collections grow.


All of this for $12 … that’s right, the suitcase cost me $12.  My husband had the wood for the shelf in the barn and I reused the material that was inside the suitcase.

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I can’t be happier with the way it turned out.  If you are thinking about a project like this look for a suitcase with pockets so that that you will have extra material to work with.  In my next post, I will share other updates to this bathroom and you will see that silky burgandy material show up again and again.  🙂

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